Resolving Football Related disputes

Disputes in the football industry are at a high; resulting in high costs in terms of time, money and resources. 

Sentinel Sports Mediation services exist as a cost-effective alternative to costly, complex and time-consuming arbitration and litigation in resolving disputes.


Reduced Mediation Costs With A Fixed Fee Scheme

For smaller disputes (i.e. where the valuation of the dispute is less than £50,000) Sentinel employ the Civil Mediation Council’s (CMC) – Fixed Fee Scheme, whereby parties can know exactly the fees that may be incurred for mediation, and also allowing for mediation to be accessible for those parties with limited resources (e.g. young players).

Football related disputes that utilise mediation can save the parties involved a large amount of time and money, all through a confidential process that after resolution allows them to focus on other matters in an ultra competitive industry where time is at a premium.


When compared to alternative methods of arbitration and litigation for dispute resolution, the cost savings from utilising mediation are clearly evident in terms of time (both commencing and reaching an outcome) and financial cost. 


Arbitration and Courts refer cases back to mediation

Some legal systems and disciplinary mechanisms are actively encouraging mediation prior to commencing litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Whilst some arbitrators and courts look dimly on (or penalise) those who have not sought mediation prior to commencing litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Due to the flexibility that mediation provides it is an ideal vehicle for resolving disputes in such a nuanced, complex yet competitive world as football.

Mediation lends itself well to resolving internal disputes, disputes between rivals and disputes between different football stakeholders and participant groups.


Mediation provides a valuable service to many different individuals, groups and organisations in the football Industry. Whether it be player-agent disputes, intra agency disputes, club to club disputes of a commercial nature or even internal disputes within an organisation. 

Quite often the application of mediation in the dispute can help in rebuild relationships through a mutual settlement agreement whereas the application of arbitration or litigation typically results in a ‘winner and loser’ outcome leaving one party unhappy and a damaged relationship between the parties.

Mediation in sports disputes  is still very much in its infancy in football, giving way in many cases to the well established FIFA dispute mechanisms and mediations close-relation arbitration.

Let Us Help You, Resolve Your Football Dispute

Qualified Mediators Recognised By CMC

Sentinel mediators are all recognised and qualified through the CMC (Civil Mediation Council) and/or the IMI (International Mediation Institute). This ensures mediators undertake CPD, follow established standards and employ a recognised complaints procedure

CMC Qualified Associate Mediator 2023 - Civil Mediation Council

In addition to this, Sentinel mediators have past experience in a variety of practical roles within football whether it be as club officials, agents, players or as officers of football related associations and bodies.

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